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Dr. Gao Yang, a returnee, gave a lecture
Date:2021-03-25  Publisher:admin 

Returnee Dr. Gao Yang came to Nanchang Institute of Technology to give a special lecture

On November 24, 2020, at the invitation of our school, Gao Yang, associate professor of Dalian Maritime University and doctor of returnees, gave a lecture entitled "How to quickly memorize English vocabulary" in the Aerospace Lecture Hall of our school. More than 260 teachers and students from the school attended Lecture.



(Lecture scene)



(Dr. Gao Yang gave a wonderful lecture)


During the lecture, Dr. Gao Yang analyzed and explained English vocabulary with a large number of pictures. Dr. Gao Yang introduced the methods of learning English vocabulary to the students in detail in the way of classification, induction and summary, and explained the similarities and differences between English vocabulary and Chinese vocabulary. The memory of English vocabulary is regular, and he shared his methods and skills for memorizing words quickly.


This lecture was well received by teachers and students. It not only allowed students to learn how to quickly remember English vocabulary, but also gave them a deeper understanding of how to learn foreign languages. It is very useful for improving the foreign language ability of teachers and students of our school. Great promotion. Many students said that Dr. Gao Yang's lecture was humorous, easy to understand, and easy to understand. It gave us good enlightenment and inspiration, and made us more confident in learning English.



(The students who attended the lecture listened carefully)


Dr. Gao Yang is a distinguished Xinghai Scholar/Associate Professor of Dalian Maritime University. He graduated from Kent State University in the United States and studied under the American famous reading teacher/picture book teacher Prof. William P. Bintz. Dr. Yang Gao has taught linguistics and writing related courses at Kent State University and California State University San Jose. His main research directions are reading/writing teaching methods, English teacher beliefs and practices, and sociolinguistics. He has published research results in linguistics/pedagogy SSCI journals, linguistics highly cited journals and international academic conferences many times.