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NIT Examination for free public welfare training
Date:2021-03-25  Publisher:admin 

Computer technology and software professional technical qualification (level) examination (hereinafter referred to as computer software examination) is the improvement and development of the original Chinese computer software professional technical qualification and level examination (referred to as software examination).


According to the documents of the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Information Industry (Guo Ren Min Fa [2003] No. 39), computer and software examinations are included in the unified plan of the national professional qualification certificate system for professional and technical personnel. Persons who have passed the examination and obtained certificates indicate that they have the level and ability to engage in corresponding professional positions. Employers can select the best from those who have obtained certificates to hire corresponding professional and technical positions (technicians, assistant engineers, engineers, senior engineers) according to work needs. . After the implementation of the unified national examination for computer professional technical qualifications (levels), the qualification review work for professional technical posts with corresponding majors and levels in computer technology and software will no longer be conducted. Therefore, this kind of examination is both a professional qualification examination and a professional title qualification examination.


Persons who have passed the examination and obtained the corresponding level of computer technology and software professional technical qualification (level) certificate indicate that they have the level and ability to engage in the corresponding professional position. The corresponding professional title qualification certificate will be directly issued by the Ministry of Personnel, and the employer can choose the best candidate.


In the National Computer Application Proficiency Test (NIT test for short), NIT requires trainees to improve a certain application ability by completing actual tasks during training, and also encourages them to apply this ability to other computer application fields. Through NIT training, trainees should have the following abilities:


(1) Have practical experience in using computers and peripheral equipment;


(2) Have the ability to use computers to solve practical problems and deal with daily affairs;


(3) Self-search, expansion and innovation capabilities with computer knowledge and skills.


     The NIT certificate is designed according to the internationally accepted certificate, and is uniformly printed and issued by the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education. The front of the certificate is written in both Chinese and English, and printed with the ID number of the certificate holder, student code, certificate number, module name, etc. A summary of the capabilities of the certificate holder is attached to the back of the certificate. The certificate is universal nationwide and is a proof of the holder's computer application ability, and can also be used as a reference for the employing department when hiring and assessing staff. Note: A012 can be credited for self-examinations 00018 and 00019, and A021 can be credited for self-examinations 00051 and 00052 (for undergraduate nursing, you need to apply for subject A012).


Reminder: The registration process is as follows, please go to the official website to register and pay by yourself if you need to register.


1. Application time for the first half of 2021:


Exam date: May 29-30, 2021.


Registration time: 9 o'clock on March 16th-17:00 on April 14th, 2021.


2. Application method: This application uses the online application and payment method. Applicants log in to the China Computer Technology Vocational Qualification (http://www.ruankao.org.cn/), click on the registration entry, and register online. After applying for the exam online, the class or department will uniformly submit the registration list, candidate registration form, and a copy of the ID card to Teacher Sun in the laboratory building 202, and wait for the examination results. Those who pass the examination can pay online by themselves. Only after the payment is confirmed, the registration is considered successful.